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I'm not in this for your revolution

Could someone please do me a new layout? Either Star Wars, Zelda, MCR or... I dunno.

Mum's a bitch. My mouse battery died last night so I couldn't save or do anything so I turned the monitor off. I get up this morning and it's turned off AT THE WALL! *growls* Does she know what damage she coulda done to it?

I think I'll set up the cube to play Zelda/Super Smash Bros Melee/anything with combat. Maybe I'll go on KOTOR2 later.

Miyavi is so beyond sex it's unbelieveable.

I've gotta try to write though. Now it's 11 wordpads opened.

Edit; And the results are in

Which unfinished fic should I focus on?

Mcporno 7
Tie Me To A Chair 2
So I Told You With A Smile 1
What To Do With The Dead 1
Pet 0

Which (new) fandom(s) should I try to write?
Panic! At The Disco 8
Doctor Who 4
Fall Out Boy 3
30 Seconds To mars 2
Lostprophets 2
Pokemon 2
Bring Me The Horizon 1
Zelda 1
Dir En Grey 1
Gravitation 1
Miyavi 1

Which of my fics do you like best?
Smut 7
Torture 3
Fluff 1
Angst 0

Any current/old fandoms you'd like me to write more of?
Mcfly 7
Busted 6
My Chemical Romance 4
Poyntercest 4
Son Of Dork 4
Bullet For My Valentine 2
Simon Amstell 2
Fightstar 1
From First To Last 1
Star Wars 1
The Used 1

Now, of course, is the time for more feedback, but I can't be arsed to do a poll. I put to you this question:

Pairings you'd like to see outta those and requests.

If you'd just like me to finish any of the fics there, then say that instead.

Any that picked Busted may choose something from this also.

Any for Mcfly/Son Of Dork can choose from here too.

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