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Not the Jedi way

Happy Birthday w0rds0fl0ve and rumil_minyatur!!!!

Tis nan's birthday today too, so I'm going to see her soon.

I have 10 wordpads open, yet have written in none. :[
*Untitled Link/Dark Link fic
*Untitled Miyavi/(Joesph Gordon-Levitt) fic
*Untitled Matt Tuck/Joesph Gordon-Levitt fic
*Untitled Omar Abidi/Waycest fic
*Untitled Doctor/Danny Jones fic
*So I Told You With A Smile
*What To Do With The Dead
*Tie Me To A Chair

Now, I need someone to do me a massive, massive favor. Could someone order from HMV the Welcome To The Black Parade LP's? I want to get them, but If I go to Walsall, it'll be a couple of quid on the bus and they probably won't have them. I'm gonna get the cd one from Cannock of course, it's going to be there I'm sure.

So... help me?
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