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Collision of Your Kiss

The Collision Of Your Kiss
Pairing: Link/Sheik
Rating: NC-17
Notes: My first Zelda fic so... yeah. There's a lot of spoilers for Ocarina and Majora's Mask and you could call it AU. It's very long and I pondered splitting it in two parts but... just couldn't
Dedications: antontobias86 and imagine___
Special dedication to WynaHIros at Fanart Central whose Sheik art helped me whenever I needed to look at Sheik's outfit (especially Sprawl and A Shadow In Time) So if you read this, mucho thanks < 3
Warnings: Smut... eventually.

Leaving Hyrule hadn't really been that hard. After what I'd done, I couldn't settle down. Well, except with one person. I searched Hyrule high and low, from Hyrule Lake to Death Mountain and found... nothing. There wasn't a single sign of the only person I could ever want. Even though future Zelda had claimed that she was actually him all along, I didn't buy it for a moment. She couldn't have been him, I simply refused to believe it. When I'd met him for the first time I knew he was special and I knew I'd never met anyone like him before. I knew he was the one and the more time I spent with him the more sure I became. Until, of course he turned into her.

Being around Hyrule, fighting so much evil and seeing so much magic, I knew it had to be possible for them to have switched somehow.

So now, back in my own time, I had set out to try and find him. Speaking with Impa before I left, I knew that Sheikah had villiages outside of Hyrule. So, logically, Sheik could be in one of those and I was intent on finding him. I' find him and then we could be together. Unfortunately there were no maps, so they were such a secretive people. But I knew I could find them. I would or die trying.

Of course, on my travels, something happened that I hadn't anticipated.


A world like Hyrule, yet not. With people like the ones I'd left behind, but different. Even though I'd been in Termina for what seemed like countless three day cycles, I still was unsure as to Termina's nature. Was it simply another land, or was Termina in a different universe altogether? Either way, Termina had proved to be a distraction on my mission. For awhile, I considered that, once I'd saved the land, I'd settle down there. But then the fairy that had aided me, Tatl, told me to leave. At first, it seemed rude, but now I believed she'd had a strange sort of wisdom. If I'd stayed I'd be without Sheik and any guy that could possibly replace him was either taken or a version of myself with one of those masks.

And now, here I was, days away from Termina in a deserted glade where I'd decided to rest. But, as always, rest was cut short. "Link!" I turned to the source of the voice, which was a short creature, apparently the same species as Skull Kid. However, he clearly wasn't Skull Kid, as there was no sign of either Tatl or Tael and the clothing of this being was bright green, similar to my own. "Ah Link! I thought I'd never find you!"

I stood up from the tree stump I'd been sitting on, one hand reaching round to the hilt of my sword. "And who exactly are you?"

"I from Hyrule! Sent by Navi, yes." His head bobbed up and down with apparent eagerness, his hands fumbling in his pocket for something. "Me thought I'd never find you." He waddled over to me, a scrap of paper in his strange, wood-like hands. "Here, this it."

"Thank you, I think." I unfolded the paper, gazing at it intently. It was a map, a map that included Hyrule, the gateway to Termina and, most importantly, the Sheikah village. "Thank y..." By the time I'd looked up from it to thank him once again, he was gone. I sighed softly, having become to used to people vanishing into thin air recently. I glanced back at the map, trying to calculate how far away I was from the village. I found the glade I was in on the map, then picked up my thigns and jumped on Epona. According to the map I wasn't that far away.


I don' t know how long it took me to get there, but sun was just setting as I arrived at the Sheikah village. It wasn't so much a village as a collection of tents, though as far as I could see there were only four. As I approached and dismounted Epona, i could see a fire in the center of the four, with a standing figure gazing into it.

"You're here." I knew that voice, but... it couldn't be. Could it? He took a step forward, so I could see him better. I gasped at the sight of him.

His face wasn't covered in the bandages that I'd become so familiar with, but I knew it was him. "She... ik?"

He nodded slowly, his blood-red eyes fixed on my own blue ones. "The seer's foresaw someone who was coming, someone with a strong intent of coming here and finding us. They feared it was one of Ganondorf's men, or even the dark lord himself, trying to obtain information about the scared triangle. My people left, fearing the worst, but I knew who was truly coming. I stayed, waiting for you, Hero Of Time." His voice was soft, yet loud enough to be heard. His hands were by his sides, his left one on his hip. "Don't be surprised that I know who you are. There's been a legend of you for centuries. A boy from the forest that would travel through time and fight against a great evil. The evil's never been specific, but now we know that Ganondorf is that evil." He took another step forward, coming closer to me. Apart from the loss of bandages, his outfit was the same as the one I knew. "But there's one thing I'm not quite sure of: why are you here?"

"I came..." I gulped, finding it hard to get the words out. I'd been thinking of this for so long and now, here he was. Trouble was, he looked just as I remembered him, which, considering that was seven years into the future was slightly disconcerting. "Looking for... you."

"Me?" His eyes widened slightly at my words, clearly I'd caught him by surprise. "And why would that be?"

"Because..." I gulped nervously, taking the last few steps towards him, unsure of what to say. So instead, I decided to let my actions say what I couldn't. Standing in front of him, I stood on tiptoes and planted a kiss on his lips. Clearly I surprised him, as he didn't respond right away. But, just before I pulled away, he wrapped an arm around me, holding me close as he gently kissed me back.

A few seconds later though, he pressed a hand against my chest, pushing me away slightly. "Wh..what are you doing?"

I gulped, resting my feet back fully on the ground, before replying. "Kis... kissing you."

"Hero Of Time... you can't be kissing me..."

"Why? Why can't you?"

"You... you're just a boy..." He stammered, taking a single step backward.

"That shouldn't matter, I want to be with you."

He shook his head slightly. "You have a destiny..."

"It's fulfilled, I've been to the future and the future Ganondorf is sealed away. You helped me do that." I reached forward and touched his slightly bandaged hand, my fingertips ghosting over the skin revealled. "And, because of that, I know I want you."

He looked at me intently, clearly trying to process my words. The moonlight illuminated his face as he thought. "You don't know that..."

"I do." I knew I did, with every fibre of my being I knew I had to be with him. If I wasn't so sure, why would I have come all this way and risked my life in the process on more then one occasion.

He shifted from one foot to the other, nibbling his lip. "And what makes you think I'd return your feelings?"

I sighed softly, unsure of how to reply. How do you explain to someone that you know they love you? Taking a deep breath, I replied, but I was unsure if I would be saying the right things. "Because you've saved me in the future and you were always looking out for me. That's got to mean something."

He didn't reply, instead, he crossed the distance between us and planted a kiss on my forehead. "Do you understand what you're asking?" I merely nodded, I was sure that this was what I wanted. Sure, this scenario was completely different to what I expected, but that didn't change how I felt. "Then how can I refuse the Hero Of Time." He raised a hand under my chin, using it to tilt my head up so he could capture my lips in his. I felt his lips part slightly and felt his tongue slip between them, pressing lightly against my own lips. I let it part my lips, the tip of his tongue pressing against mine. I closed my eyes, letting his tongue wiggle inside my mouth slowly. I wasn't sure what to do, so licked lightly at the underside of his tongue. I'm sure he knew I was inexperienced, but that didn't seem to stop him. His hand had left my chin and now trailed down my body as his other arm was wrapped around me, holding me close. His lips left mine, but he still remained pressed against me. "How about you take off your sword and shield?"

I nodded in response, moving back so I both under the buckle that held them in place and slid both off my shoulders. I let them drop to the floor, along with my other various items that hadn't been stored on Epona's back. Free of them I returned to Sheik's arms. but before i was in his embrace again he stopped me, reaching up to grip my green hat, his fingers grasping at the material as he pulled it it off my head. He dropped it beside me, then ran a hand through my golden hair. "You're so beautiful Hero Of Time... more so then I could have imagined."

"Please, stop calling me that." Tentatively, I reached out and ran my hand over the Sheikah symbol on his front, feeling his muscles beneath it. "The name's Link." I stroked the symbol lightly, as he nodded slightly, a question that that ahd always plagued me about him came to mind. "How do you... get into that?"

"Of course... Link. The bandages I wear are designed to hide the joins in my outfit, as well as to aid holding it up." He reached down and pressed his hand against the bandages on his torso. "If I just took these off, it would simply, slide down my body." At his words I moved my hand to them, trying to find where the end was so I could undo them. He just chuckled at my fumbling, taking a step back so he could reach for them. "Sure are eager aren't you?" I nodded as he smiled, lifting up the Sheikah symbol so he could reach for the end, the began to slowly unwrap the bandages from around himself. My eyes were transfixed on his actions, as both of his hands aided in their removal. As he dropped the bandage to the floor, most of his outfit slid off his body, pooling around his ankles. My eyes wandered over his body, taking in the sight of his naked form. I'd never seen anyone naked before, apart from myself of course. His chest was hairless, apart from a slim trail of golden hair from his navel down to his crotch. His nipples were slightly larger then mine and both were peaked in what I assumed was excitement. As I cast my eyes downward, I realised that it was just that. His long length was fully hard and pulsing, the head of it shining in the moonlight as his full looking balls hung low behind them, the whole crotch area covered in curly blonde hairs. The bandages on his hands fell to the floor symbol, awakening me from the trance like state I was in. He stepped out of the pool of purple and grey clothing so he stood before me, completely devoid of all clothing.

"So, Link, do you like what you see?" I could only manage to nod slightly at his words, all the blood having seemingly moved far from my brain. "Now that I've shown you mine, how about you show me yours?" He gestured toward my green tunic and I quickly understood his meaning. Reaching down, I undid the belt buckle around my waist, dropping it to the floor as I pulled my tunic up, over my head to join it. I pushed my underwear down to my ankles, then stood out of them as well as my boots. My cheeks flushed crimson, knowing that my body was much smaller then his in every aspect, unlike how my future form had been. That didn't seem to bother him though, as his tongue flicked over his lips. "You really are beautiful."

He crossed the distance between us again, wrapping his arms around my bare body and pressing himself against me. I let out a soft moan of pleasure, pressing my length against his leg, as his pressed against my belly. His lips reattached to mine, his tongue entering my mouth again, letting it twirl around my own. My arms were around his waist, my fingertips brushing against his lower back and the soft cleft of his ass. His body was so warm, his skin so soft against my own. My eyes lidded as our bodies rubbed against each other, a soft groan passing my lips. "Sh...Sheik." I panted softly, moving back from his lips slightly. "I... need you..."

"It'll hurt Link, are you sure this is what you want?" His voice was soft and gentle. I could tell he didn't want to hurt me, but I knew what I wanted and that was him. More then anything in the worlds, I wanted him inside me.

I simply nodded in response.

"Ok... You'll have to get on all fours." I reluctantly left his arms and kneeled on the grass, leaning forward and placing my hands on the floor in front of me. "Do you know how this works Link?" I shook my head in answer, even though he probably knew that's what my response would be. I watched him over my shoulder as he bought one hand to his mouth, coating three of his slender fingers in saliva. A few moments later he removed them from between his lips, then started talking. "I'm goin to put my fingers, these fingers, inside of your ass. This is to stretch you, in preparation for my cock. It will hurt and if you want me to stop just tell me. I'll understand completely. Ok?" I nodded slowly, taking in his words. However, I didn't verbally reply, simply spreading my legs for him.

His wet hand ran over my ass, his fingers pushing between my cheeks. His middle finger found my hole and pressed against it lightly. "Just relax." He purred soothingly, his other hand rubbing my back as he pushed the tip inside of me. I gasped at the sensation, having never had anything up there before. He slowly wiggled the length of it inside me until I felt it was up to the second knuckle. I chewed on my lower lip, pushing back against his hand. He slid it out to the fingertip again, then pushed it back inside. Only this time, it wasn't one. I let out a low groan of pain as they filled me. Thankfully he didn't appear to notice, as I fear he'd stop if he knew I was in pain. His fingers spread inside of me opening my entrance up slightly. He did so carefully, his fingers spreading me ever so slightly each time they parted from each other. A few minutes later, even though it seemed like an eternity, he added his third finger, using it to spread me open even further. I could tell he was getting impatient though, as they were only inside for a short time before they were out again, making me whimper at the loss.

"Ok, I think you're ready." He stood behind me and pressed himself against me again, a hand on the base of his length to guide himself inside me. I felt the head press against my pucker and braced myself, digging my fingertips into the dirt. As he pushed the head inside me I let out a loud squeal of pain. I couldn't help it, but again, it didn't seem to stop him only slow his movements. Inch by inch he entered me at an agonisingly slow pace.

"Please Sheik! Faster!" I begged, pushing myself back against him, but his hands kept me still, one on my ass and one on my hip, so my movements meant nothing. However my words did encourage him and he slammed the last of his length inside me in one thrust, his balls slamming against my cheeks. I let out another cry, this time of out of surprise instead of pain as I heard random moans pass his own lips. He slowly pulled out of me, then ramemd back inside me quickly, only this time he hit... something. "Holy.." I screamed at the top of my lungs, pleasure trembling through my body. "What did.. what was..."

He lay over me, pressing his chest against my back and whispered in my ear. "That, my pretty Link, is what we call the g-spot. It's what makes it so pleasurable." He pulled out and thrust back inside me, hitting it again only with more force then before. My screams of pleasure and the sounds of our body's moving against each other filled the forest. The hand that was on my hip moved to my length, his fingers wrapping around it, steadily pumping it in time with his thrusts. Involuntarily I found myself squeezing around him, making him groan even louder into my ear. His tongue snaked out against the tip of my pointed ear, then he took it between his lips, nipping at the sensitive skin lightly. His thrusts sped up, his moans becoming more and more breathy every second. "Link... I'm close, I so hope you are too..."

"Yes... by the goddesses Sheik, I am." I thrust my length into his hand, screaming his name out loud as I spasmed, my length shooting my load over the grass. I felt myself clentching around him, tighter then before. His lips left my ear as he let out a cry of pleasure, my name passing his lips as I felt my insides get blasted by his cock. He collapsed on top of me, causing me to crumple under his weight onto the wet grass.

He rolled off me onto his back a few seconds later and I did the same. We lay, panting heavily next to each other, covered in sweat and staring at the stars. "That was..."

"I know..." He whispered softly, turning his gaze from the sky to me. "What happens now?"

I turned my head, a little taken aback by the question but the answer came to me so easily. "I'll stay here, with you."

He merely nodded, crossing the distance between us and planting a kiss on my lips. I knew then that's what he wanted too.
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