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I quit, I quit

Bear show's are soo fucking boring.

Only good thing is we went to Mcdonalds, where I find out how stupid mum is.

Her: *about music playing* Is this Mcfly?
Me: *takes out earphone* *listens* No, this is Green Day

how could anyone mix them up? They don't even sound alike!

However, it's given me time to think. Boring time, when all I wanted was a flamethrower, yes, but time nonetheless.

I'm not going to Uni. Why?
*The UCAS number thing sent to me was WRONG it had far too many numbers
*There's been not a asingle letter saying WHEN the starting date is/was and when/if I had to register
*Ever since this whole Uni thing ame up all mum's cared about ismoney, even though by principle it's about me
*Now I'm so disenchanted about it all I want to go there is for the money and the r (Japanese) therefore it's not worth it in my eyes
*They probably wouldn't be happy about me taking the time off to see babu
*So I've decided not to do it cause it seems so pointless


I'm not going on a game till I've finished and posted fics.

End 2.

I seen a massive perdy butterfly outside.

Pete and Rayn are screwing

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