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Mission? What plans?

Last night I couldn't sleep, so I watched Most Haunted. It was creepy cause two tvs came on at night, in rooms where people were asleep... made me think of The Ring/Ringu.

Doctor Who arrived this morning :D Exterminate! Delete!

Went to Cannock today. Cannock is boring. Woolworths has an ARMY of Cybermen. By that I mean 10+

Asda, though, had lots of good things which I got. They had the (Doctor Who) Captain Jack figure < 33 so I got that. Got Evanesence's single. (I'm sure I spelt it wrong, I always do..:[) Also got Games Master and Company. Link has a pretty neck... mmm. And I can't find which page Mcfly are on in Company... :( Wah! What page are they?

Helped I guy in a wheelchair get Pepsi's. Pepsi=love at only 68p a bottle *hugs it*

There was this gorgeous oriental guy. He was... guh. I swear if I had my phone I'd have took a pic. Alas.. no.

Pon got a new dvd/VCR combo, so we get his old dvd player for the living room. YAY!

I still hate mum.

I want highlights.
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