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I'm gonna trade them in, for something real

Last night was mostly spent on Knights Of The Old Republic 2. I was on Nar Shaddaa, but I switched to Dantooine. After about five times trying, I managed to kill slavers, then disarm this strange Jedi/Sith woman. (Dunno which she is, but she had a lightsaber, and the fact that it's red has no bearing on this time period at all.) Now I have a lightsaber. Since I got it, I've modified it several times. It started as yellow now it's violet.

There's these things called Kinrath, which look lik Acklay's only minus the head and much smaller. The matriach was so hard to kill though.

So far I've met 3 Jedi in it, and they've made me have a lesser opinion of their kind then ever. They don't like helping people, even hose that would die without it. They first debate, then run and hide like cowards. As of yet, I haven't encountered one that would fight, lest it was to save their own skins. Plus they use anyone they can to their own ends. Fools, all of them. No wonder the Sith keep getting the jump on them all the time.

I hate apple I-pods. The comp doesn't register mum's as one.

I hate mum in general. At almost 2 she came wondering in from her room and started having a go. Sigh. I shouldn't have come back.

I woke up this morning with a box in bed with me. The thought that I might've sleep-sexed it had crossed my mind It was the wifi hub thing babu sent for. Alas though, neither of us can seem to get it to work.

I really need a dvd cabinet thing.

I don't like 1571. It called and said that the home phone was hte number called when I did 1471. :/

I hope we get the special Black Parade thing.

I swear I haven't eaten properly since I've got back. I blame the bint.
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