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Do the things we like

Last night I went into the bathroom and there was a spider. So I made it my mission to capture it... and feed it to the fly trap. So I caught it in a glass and put it on the trap, but it was too big for it and somehow didn't set it off. About 10 minutes of scurrying over the plant later I decided I'd have to kill it first. So I tried to drown it: which failed.

So I got scissors, went snipping mad and cut off towo of it's legs before catching it's body between the blades, allowing me to feed it to the trap.

Then I realised that the first trap I'd used on a spider opened and there was a dessicated spider corpse. Cool.

The cam's being shit so won't stay on long enough for me to take a pic (which is annoyin, I also wanna take a pic of thee orbs and Zero).

Kitty Tom's inside again... eating guniea pig food.

I got Kerrang, perdy poster and yay for gerard saying how disgusted he is with the Daily Mail's emo thing. Brendon=sex.

I'm so undecided about uni. If I go, I'll have all that monety, but I'll have missed a week and a bit and be really restricted when I have to go see baby. If I don't go, I can do what I like but won't have any money to do it.

So if I go I'll have money but no time, if I don't I'll have time but no money. Sigh.

that is... if I still have a decision.

Anyway, piccies from baby's. I need to get baby to send me pics of us cause they is none.

Titanium Venator-Class Star Destroyer

White rosery tee, bullet surrounded heart tee, flag tee

Mcfly tee, Venom tee, Black Parade tee

Skeleton soldier at attention, the massive patch, the tie

Autopsy tee, portrait tee, hat , 3, my ds with triforce



Various fringe mini's: note Jango at the front and the shadow guard towards the back

Imperial mini's, including Lord Vader

Mandarlorian, Rebel, Republic and Seperatist minis

Mandalorians up close

Rebels up close

Republic up close

Seperatists up close


Pour le hat

Looking at mini cards

Being ood

...no idea
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