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Another Jedi? What, did you start breeding when I wasn't looking?

Kitty tom is so cute! Playing with old earphones and batting them abut with his paws... < 33

Been playing on Knights Of The Old Republic 2 for ages. It's so fun running around killing people. Kreia is a moody bitch though. I don't like/trust her. It's ironic tha tthe handmaiden's poutfit looks just like Padme's Ilum one. Also ironic is the same person voices both.

I still like the HK droids though. I wish I had all the parts to mine.

I still want the music from it.

Why is it Jedi can never help themselves? They always have to rely on someone else. Plus they're willing to let millions die just so they can asess the 'threat' of an enemy. I feel something is inherently wrong with the Jedi Order as a whole and always will be.

I'm rambling again.

I'll be writing soon... I think.
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