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As you spill your guts

Last night was odd. I dun like it. Mu's annoying, so I'm back to hating her. I want her I-pod. She has an I-pod. It's not fair. She doesn't even know how to work it! By work I mean turn it on, play it or even put tracks on it. Stupid bint.

I got these cutes cuddly orb things. Anyone seen those ads for power on the tv, with one blue orb and a yellow one? They both glow and cuddle and are so cute. I remember wanting oone when I first saw them, but can't remember which company the ad was for...

Anyway, they're cute and mine. < 33 They've made friends with Zero.

I got woke up by the stupid bitch at 8. She's so annoying. I went back to sleep. Got up at half eleven, sorted mini's. She's moved most of the cards for them I had here. They were in nice tidy ppiles and now they're gone. Grrr.

Gotta see if kitty Tom is out for he is love.

I miss my babu too much... I couldn't sleep last night for the longest time.

Gonna write/watch stuff later

Edit: And as I open the door who's sitting there all curled up? Kitty Tom!
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