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My Mannequin Can Dance

I'm tired and achy causa the trip.

It started at 12, leaving my third home and walking in the rain with five bags. :( Two bags tried to choke me, two felt like they'd rip and one was okish. Babu was so sad :( I miss her so much.

Got to Victoria and got a cheap ticket, cause I lied. :[ Got 2 bottles of pepsi then went on the coach. I slept for most of it, talked to baby and read my book and ate sushi. We ended up stuck at a service station cause another coach was busted. I think we gained people. There was a hottie there though.

Got Zero at Birmingham *smushes him*

Why do no places seem to have a load of singles? I want The Blackout's.

I left so much stuff at baby's, tee's, a Kerrang, Darth. :[

Lots of HOG's in Birmingham.

Go to Birmingham station, there was a guy who was a dick. I had to stand all the way to Landywood, so I got more achy.

Welcome To The Black Parade played as I walked through. On the radio < 3

Mum's annoying with Unoi stuff, but I might be able to take a year off. Uni's fault though. I'd rather work at Forbidden Planet then go there anyway.

I wanna go to Reading/Leeds next year

Next year's Star Wars figs=perdy. Specially R2.

I hate mum. She's got a new i-pod.
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