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I would love nothing more in the world than to watch you as you spill your guts

The Bullet tickets have arrived! Woo!

We went to Bromley this afternoon. I literally bought all the Bounty Hunter's boosters they had on display. First 4, then the last 2. Twas worth it. I got most of what I wanted and ones I didn't dare to hope for.

I also got batteries, a Star Wars collector mag, and the annual. Also got the Venator-class Star Destroyer die-cast thing. I got baby some Nightmare Before Christmas stff including a perdy, cuddly Zero. < 3

Mini's I got that I'm really glad about:
Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
Huge Crab Droid
Lord Vader
Bith Black Sun Vigo
E522 Assasin Droid
Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter
Mistryl Shadow Guard
Utapaun On Dactillion
Basilisk War Droid
All the Mandalorians

Others I got:
ISP Speeder
Rebel Snowspeeder
Dengar, Bounty Hunter
4-LOM, Bounty Hunter

I have pics, which I'll post in pic post laters.

One figure was missing, so I have to send a letter. Still gotta get them to send two others so I'll do it all at once.

Baby's making sushi rice for me to have sushi later < 33

Going to watch stuff monce it's done, nother post later.
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