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We left for Mcfly just after half 2. We got there at half 8. We got lost and traffic jams... agh.

I spent the journey with my eyes shut listening to music, praying to whatever god there is that the seats were as good as 10 rows from the front like I was meant to be Wednesday.

When we got there I got the tour book and poster, then a tee from inside. The seats were far better then I expected, and we got a great view of the stage. It was an hour and half set.

*Danny licking Tom's neck
*Tom saying 'you interrupted me to say that?' to a pointless Danny ramble
*Danny on top of Dougie on the floor
*Dougie longingly staring at Harry
*The bar during Not Alone, we thought Harry was sucking Doug off... until he appeared
*Same time, Tom giving longing looks at Danny and clapping and going wooo
*Dougie getting spanked by Danny
*Tom advertising the single home vid thing

*Harry talking... too little of it
*Dougie: Fight For Your Right
**sniggers* Insulting fans on stage
*The downloadable video: LIGHTSABERS AND YODA!!
*Harry's drum solo < 33333
*Brian May came on stage!

Random thing from the tour book. Dougie has a TIE fighter tattoo. < 3333 And he's insane about dinosaurs

No tee's or posters outside :(

We ended up being locked out when we got back. Divy baby's dad.

Going home Sunday, Bromley again tommorrow.

Bed now.
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