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Because of what you've done

Yesterday I listened to Cute Is What We Aim For and Matchbook Romance, both are good but I love Matchbook more. Matchbook weren't what I expected, cause I only heard one song of there's on The Best Of Taste Of Chaos (and I can't recall wheather they did The Process or In Transit :[). But I've had them on pretty much all day now.

I'm on my 5th new MCR outfit in two days (6th if you include old tee I wore yesterday and 7th if yoou include the one I'll wear tonight). I feel like Padme.

Last night I called mum. I think she's been replaced. Not only didn't she yell or moan ONCE but she was actually being nice. I'm scared, very scared.

It's like Kamino outside, has been all day preety much. I went out for Pepsi and got soaked.

Going home tommorrow, stopping off at Bromley. It works out cheaper and faster going that way. I'll be getting my beloved minis. Might be getting some more batteries and maybe speakers for the mp3, depending on what I get tonight.

I hope I get the huge Seperatist minis, Komari Vosa and Mandalorians. Chances are I'll get 2/3's of those. Mandarlorians are common and Seperatists are uncommon.

The whole trip tommorrow will be mini's, music and... well, I can't think of an m-word for reading so...

Tonight's Mcfly. Woo for the gays.

Baby's gonna mess with my hair soon. Meek!

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