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Yub nub

Why is it so hot all of a sudden? One week it's coldness and storms, now heat. Gah, I hate it.

But, news. ALL MY MCR STUFF HAS COME! (It shouldn't have cause one was rush shipped and one was normal shipped and the rush shipped was sent a week before the other.) I had to get the 'rush shipped' one from the post office (which meant half hour quick walk in the heat) and I had to pay £16.25 for it (WTF?). But as soon as I got to the shop I changed to the Black Parade tee and put on the hat (which DOESN'T make me look like a bloody chav!).

Then when we got back the other lot was here. The patch it about four times the size I expected. I dunno where I'll put it now. I love all the tee's though, they're perdy. The hoodie is sooo shiny!

Just Skeleton Crew stuff to come now.

I hate carrying heavy boxes :(

I'm sweaty, so I might change.

I wanna go to Bromley tommorrow, but I don't think I'll be able to. I need the new minis. Going by train takes longer then going by bus :/

Watching Brick tonight, will get confuzzed again.

Mcfly tommorrow. Why am I not excited? :/

Edit: There's gonna be a proper Bullet dvd and they're all topless... HUZZAH!
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