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Brothers In Arms

It took about an hour to get the stupid mp3 player uploading. Gah. I've had to rip some of my albums 3 times to shrink the file size down so I can get more on. It seems crazy to me that the old one had only 6 times more memory, but could fit at least 40 times more albums. Ok, probably an exageration, but not by much.

Baby's comp doesn't register Japanese characters, so I can't rip all of Dir En Grey. Anyone know how to make it show em?

Finally watched Lord Of War. Jared is sex. For some reason he ammuses me in it... well, until he gets all stupid and heroic. He died for nothing really, as what he tried to prevent happened anyway. But he was just so yummy in it.

Janey is a *. Ok, that's meant to be a star but it doesn't look very good does it? She's going to get me 30 Seconds album on Friday! Yay! I'll finally have one! I wish they'd release the albums here and then do a tour. I shall go on about that until they do. Maybe they don't know they have fans here...

I can't sleep, possibly cause I slept so early last night. So I'm doing what I do best: Listening to music on my mp3 (hey, I have 24 batteries) and trying to write... again

Things left to put on mp3:
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