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Cannibal glow

Today was brilliant. Minus the heat of course. Bromley is love.

Before we went, we went into Sevenoaks. I got Kerrang and first Battles In Time Doctor Who card thing. < 3

Kerrang is love, cause of MCR, Pete and Brendon. Jade knows about slash.

Went in the sci-fi shop twice. Got three ROTS boosters cause they weren't any Bounty Hunters yet (but when I went in the Sci-fi store the second time the guy told me they'd be in Friday). The first two were sorta crappy, but one had a rare Medical droid. The last one baby chose for me and it was the best one! It had Grievous's Wheel Bike! Yay!

Got a box of Pokemon cards too. A massively huge one, with 160 cards in.

Got a new MP3 player from Argos, a perdy little 1GB one. I'm uploading cds onto the comp now for it :P

Got four albums today:
Thursday - Full Collapse
Slipknot - Iowa (for Left Behind/My Plague)
Cute Is What We Aim For - The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch
Matchbook Romance - Voices (Which I got for £4 less for some reason)

Got the other Lostprophets single too. Couldn't find The Blackout's single though :(

Got some dvds. Two Friends (one of which is a best of thingy) and Most Haunted Series 3 Volume 2. Also got Smash Brothers Melee, cause it's fun < 33 Can't find Lego Star Wars 2 for the Cube anywhere :(

Had Mcdonalds, which is always yum.

I got baby two Grievous's.

Right, cause I have le new mp3, I need some songs. The cds are at home and I can't wait cause I want them. So, if any of you can e-mail/yousendit any of them it would be most appreciated. Some songs are on the device, hence them not being requested.

The Academy Is...
The Phrase That Pays

Girl's Not Grey
Head Like A Hole
Kiss And Control
Miss Murder
The Leaving Song Part 2
Silver And Cold

The All-American Rejects
Dirty Little Secret
It Ends Tonight
Night Drive

Knife Blood Nightmare

Armor For Sleep
The Truth About Heaven

Meet Me At Your Funeral

Every Time I Die
Kill The Music

Fall Out Boy
(Single tracks)

Fight For Us

Insomniatic Meat

From First To Last
The Latest Plague
The Levy
World War Me

Hawthorne Heights
Ohio Is For Lovers

Where The Wild Roses Grow
Your Disco Needs You

Lacuna Coil
Enjoy The Silence
Heaven's A Lie

Make A Move

Panic! At The Disco
(Any single songs)


Vermillion Part 2

Counting 54321
Lovesong Writer

The Used
The Taste Of Ink


Buffy Soundtrack

Star Wars Episode 3
Padme's Ruminations

Underworld: Evolution
Chester Bennington - The Morning After
My Chemical Romance - To The End Remix

I think that's it. There might be more added in later.
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