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Perfect hibernation

We went to Tesco last night and I got baby The Wild and the new Scissor Sisters album (which I still haven't listened to).

Last night we played Lego Star Wars 2 and watched Lost, but I drifted off to sleep before we could watch Lord Of War. Oops. I geuss we'll watch it tonight.

Today we're going to Bromley. Yay for sci-fi shop! Yay impulse buying Star Wars!

Recently I've wanted to smoke really bad, so I might get some smokes today. I have a couple of packs back home that I got from last Cyprus trip, but didn't bring any here with me. Sigh. I'm really fussy though, I don't really smoke brands other then my own unless they're free.

Apparently I sound better today, even though I woke up at 4ish and stayed up till 6 before falling back asleep.

Zazzie, if you read this before tonight, watch out for my mother as she's with my cousin who I can't stand. If you see her, run the other way.

I wrote 2 paragraphs yesterday. Go me

The 30 Seconds vid, The Kill, is hot. Jared pushing Jared against a wall... I wasn't screaming kiss him every 5 seconds honest

The Wii is gonna be so expensive :(

I wish my pod worked :(

My mind's been thinking about potential new last names. But the one's I've come up with are so predictable and mostly obvious. Such as:
*Walsh (my father's last name)
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