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If we want

There's a froggie in the pond outside :D It's so pretty and cute!

My throat feels really funny. Like soreish, but kinda like when you have a cold. I dunno how to describe it.

My hair's all oddly fuzzy.

I swear there's a cranefly nest near here as they keep coming.

Baby's good at making sushi < 3

We watched Fight Club last night. I don't like Jared's hair in it, blonde doesn't suit him at all :( Still, he's topless so...

Scamps and Chips follow me everywhere I go... odd things.

Still no fic done, it's cause I fall asleep when I'm meant to do it late at night. And I feel guilty if I do it any other time. So by Wednesday I'll have killed off Ian. Definately this time.

Edit: UCAS has fucked up somewhere, cause the application number they've given me is too long for the site >:(

Edit 2: Fuck em, I'm not chasing after them. They've given me no info whatsoever. They haven't sent me any info about start dates or registration, just one letter with the number that doesn't work and about financing. They haven't given me an answer as to weather I'm going one way or the other so screw em.
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