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And if you look closely, you will see them get stupider and stupider

What is wrong with the fucking Americans? Are they intent on destroying everyone's personal freedoms now? Apparently they want to get a treaty in place that would give places like LJ 50 years copyright over everything you post.

What is wrong with them? Their power of the world should be diminished completely.

End mini rant.

Yesterday baby's Lego Star Wars 2 came, so we spent the whole day playing on it. I can't understand the custom character bit, but it's still amazinbg and funny and cute.

Staying here an extra week, going to Bromley and seeing Mcfly Friday.

As soon as I've got Family Guy I find out that the series starts on BBC3 this week. Sigh. Tis still funny though.

I wanna see Lord Of War cause Jared looks gorgeous in it.

The three dvds baby rented:
Doll Master: Twas good, with a HOG
Deep In The Woods: Confusing, long time before anything happened, but there was one hot guy covered in blood
Devils Rejects: Overrated I think, I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Too many boobs

Skeleton Crew haven't sent the hot tee yet.:(

Haven't written of anything cause I fall asleep in bed :[
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