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This is the dawn of the age of aquarium

I hate the mailman/post van. No tee's have come yet at all :( Sob.

Had mini's yesterday, R2=cutes.

Got up at half nine, though I had no reason to :/

Went to Sevenoaks today. Got lotsa bags. Got the special Vader from Woolworths (cause they had none when we first got Lego Star Wars 2), Doom, From Hell (for mum), Madonna's Ray Of Light, Most Haunted Series 6 Volume 1 (which has the oddest inside thing ever), Family Guy Season 4 and Supernatural Season 1 Volume 1 (can you say brothers who are lovers?).

I was gonna get Pink's single and Pokemon cards, but I dunno why I didn't get Pink and I couldn't be arsed goin back to Lorimers.

The Vader is so pretty and new. I thought it'd be a repack of the last one, but it doesn't look like it.

I'm so glad I get Rock Sound free. It's got AFI, Fightstar and MCR in. Sadly the Fightstar pic they use is ancient, but the AFI ones look new. Jade is perdy.

The way back was hell. Why? Cause the bus ended up being filled with evil kids. They were so loud and annoying. Gah. I trode on 3/4 pairs of feet on the way out though :D

Shall be writing late tonight.
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