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Pet Part 1

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ray/Padge
Notes: AU, Ray's POV, this was done as I had no inspiration for What To Do With The Dead
Warnings: Gore, blood, torture, BDSM, scat
Fandom: MCR, Bullet For My Valentine
Dedications: antontobias86, shebangsthedrum cause RP is the main inspiration < 3

I watched my master as he paced around my bed, his erection clearly visible in his tight black leather trousers. His upper body was bare, showing off his muscular, bare arms. His eyes were fixed on me as he circled my own naked body, his tongue occasionally running over his lips. I just watched him, pleading with my eyes that he'd do something to me, that his arousal was buried up my tight ass and pounding me into the matress. "Now whore, what should I do with you today hmm?" I knew better then to reply, so kept silent, eagerly awaiting whatever he was going to give me.


He hadn't always been my master of course. There was once a time when I wasn't his whore, but I tried to block such a time out. About three months ago, although since then I'd lost any point of time reference, I'd woken up in this room. I was naked and bound, laying on the floor when I first set eyes upon my master. He towered over, kicking me in the stomach so I rolled on my back, my groans of pain being muted by the ball gag in my mouth. I remember gazing over him, his attire similar to what he was wearing now and hear him growl down at me. "You're my whore." He planted his booted foot on my stomach, pressing it down slightly. "And I'm your master. You will address me as such and if you disobey me you'll suffer the consequences." Of course as soon as he untied me I tried to bolt for the door, but he'd locked the door and, with no other way out he easily recaptured me.

He chained me to the wall, grabbed a whip and lashed my chest until I bled. The blood trailed in lines down my chest once he was done. "You will learn you place slut." He simply left me attached to the wall, flicking the light off as he went, the basement room turned pitch black.

I was left there for the better part of a day before he returned to me, at last unchaining me from the wall and dragging me to the bed I lay on now. He forced my legs apart and spat at my hole, his saliva the only lubrication for his huge, throbbing member as it entered my ass for the first time. I let out a scream, the gag having been freed from my mouth just before he buried himself inside me. I'm sure he did it just to hear me scream in pain, as he thrust his length deep inside me. One of his hands gripped my hip, another was tangled in my afro, yanking my head back every second thrust. I remember closing my eyes and trying to block the feeling out, managing to squeeze my ass muscles around his length so as to make it end sooner. It worked too, he came a few moments after I started. "Good whore." I remember how his voice sounded in my ear, somewhere between panting and purring. "And, even better, you didn't even cream." That seemed to please him even more and he bound me to the bed, leaving me once again. Alone.


About an hour later he came down the stairs, I tried to twist my head to see him, but I couldn't turn my head all the way. He stood beside the bed, resting a tray he was carrying on a nearby table, which was close enough to see. There was a tall glass filled with water and a plate covered in, presumably, with food that I couldn't see clearly, but it smelled good. "This is your reward for not shooting your worthless load." He untied one of my wrists, shoving the glass into my hand, allowing me to take a drink. "Eventually I won't have to deal with the possibility." As I tasted the liquid, I realised it wasn't just water. There were tastes in it that I couldn't quite put my finger on, but there was the slight, salty taste of cum. "When you're fully obedient I'll feed you anyway. I wouldn't want my whore to starve now would I?"

I nodded slowly, drinking some more shakily. "T... thank you.."

His eyes narrowed as he stared down at me, making me tremble slightly. "Thank you what?"

I realised what he wanted me to say and gulped, closing my eyes as I whispered the words. "Thank you... master." Apparently he wasn't satisfied as one of his hands grabbed my hair, pulling on it as he had earlier.

"What was that whore?" He growled, anger clear in his eyes.

"Thank you master!" I repeated, louder this time, which seemed to satisfy him as he let go of my hair and nodded to himself. I finished off the last of the water, feeling his eyes gaze over my body, his fingertips lightly tracing patterns on my back. He grabbed the empty glass out of my hand, returning it to the tray and bringing the plate over. Even up close I couldn't tell what the contents of it were. It looked vaguely like minced meat, but some of it clearly was something else entirely, but it was all mushed together.

"Eat it." He growled again when I did nothing except stare at the food before me. Nervously, I picked up some of the strands with my fingers, bringing it to my lips. I gingerly chewed some of the mince I'd picked up, trying to discern exactly what I was eating but failing miserably, even as I finished what I'd got I had no idea of the identity of this food. "Eat faster whore and I'll consider telling you what it is." I managed to nod and obeyed him, seeing as I had no other choice, picking up more of the food and eating it, chewing it faster and faster with each mouthful, getting used to the taste. About ten minutes after my first mouthful it was all gone and te plate was empty. "Good whore." He took the plate back, putting it back on the tray before tying my free wrist back to the bed. "Now, as to what you ate..." He moved to stand before me, an evil smirk crossing his lips. "Flesh. Minced flesh and shit." My eyes widened at his words and I trembled, willing myself to throw up. "That will be your diet indefinately. Oh, and if you throw up, you'll be eating that too." I gulped and closed my eyes, surpressing the urge to do just that. I felt his hand grip my chin tightly and felt his breath on my face. "Open your eyes." I didn't comply, instead choosing to try and calm my stomach. "Now whore! Open your eyes now!" His tone was loud and angry, so I fearfully opened my eyes to meet his. "That's better. You'll soon learn to obey me." I heard a sound at the back of his throat, as his hand forced my mouth open, then I felt his spit land on the back of my throat. He shut my mouth, holding it shut until he heard me swallow, then he let go.

"M... master... how long are you.. keeping me?" I stuttered nervously, slightly afraid as to what the answer might be but I needed to know.

"Until I get bored of you or you fail to please me." He paused for a second and my mind started forming ways to do both of those things before he restarted talking. "But you'll never be free again if that's what you're asking. If you bore or displease me then I'll simply kill you." I trembled again at his words, my plans for escape evaporating. "Don't worry whore, you'll soon worship me and love it here." He left my sight, picking up the tray again to carry it back upstairs. "And if you don't... well, your corpse won't go to waste." I shuddered at his words as he climbed the stairs, unlocking and opening the door then turning off the light and leaving. The last sound of the night I heard was the door being locked again.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, my chemical romance, padge, padge/ray toro, ray toro, slash
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