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You can take off your skin in the cannibal glow

Ah the day that the word cannibal is in an MCR song. That=a very happy Stuie. Kerrang is brilliant. Mostly due to MCR, but also the posters which are sex. Poor Bob though. I never knew he was that close to dying :( At least now The Black Parade has a tracklist and it sounds brilliant. I wish it was October now. Or at least next week, for next week's Kerrang.

NME is meh.

We had a nasty visitor today. Evil spider's littler brother. Baby killed it with spray. At least I didn't uber-panic like last time... until it moved.

Got Little Britain and A New Hope (so now I have the trilogy), the former's on now.

Who knew ducks swarmed?

Still no mail come, though the second MCR order was sent on Saturday... and I only got an e-mail today.

Baby's done me some new icons which are love. :D

Inspired, so I'm writing now.
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