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Got Lego Star Wars 2 DS, Lostprophets CD 1 and Empire. 3/5.

Lego Star Wars 2 is so much better then the original handheld.. except it can be glitchy. Plus it's so fucking frustrating in some levels. There's a mini-kit in the Asteroid Field but it just points to a big asteroid. On Endor I keep dying and can't find 3P), even after searching for an hour.

And why can't Ewok's get in their houses?

Sigh, I'll try Endor again soon.

Another thing is, someone posted they'd got the same problem, then posted they'd done it and DIDN'T SAY HOW! Gah!

Kit's come. He arrived last night < 3

Baby was sick yesterday ;( I think I past it onto her. It seems to be only 24 hours for the worst of it though.

Jared Leto is sex. And doing his brother, who is also sex. I get too fixated on cest's.

Feel strange, sure there's something I'm missing.
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