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Could you be anymore vague?

Apparently at somepoint this week, somewhere, Gerard's going to be in the country. Stalking may ensue.

James, what are you on? Are you trying to alienate your already shrinking fanbase even more? Is it your ambition to get booed off the stage by people who have no interest in you (and probably hate you)? Someone should hit him, as he shoulda got the band to support Mcfly instead of being on some American tour thing.

Rant over.

No mail yet at all. That makes me feel dead inside. There should be Kit, MCR and/or Skeleton Crew stuff arriving.

Editted my info a little.

Going into town again soon. For mostly Star Wars. And the Lostprophets single.

Shall be writing today/tommorrow. Fics being written:
*What To Do With The Dead
*Untitled colab

Sob, all the Bullet tickets are sold out and on e-bay they're £35 for one :(
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