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When I was a young boy

Spiders are the worst fuckers in history. Last night, after seeing Wrong Turn (which was good I thought), we came down to check e-mail. There, next to the kitchen doorway thing, there was a spider. Now I can deal with small spiders, anywhere up to the size of 50p's. This one was the size of a fucking mouse. I jumped out the chair, ran to the furthest door from it (which led outside) and tried to open the door. All while hyperventilating and shaking like a maniac. Eventually I got it open and just stood there in the consevatory until baby opened the garage door, ensuring that I could run up to the bedroom. After about another 10 minutes of raged breathing I was back to semi-normality.

I. Hate. The. Fuckers.

Ended up talking about nothing reall yand listening to msuic thereafter, but I was still scared of it coming up and eating me. Still am, since it hasn't been caught.

Got woke up by moaning bloody mum again. Gah.

Going to Sevenoaks later.

MCR tour announced next week apparently. Huzzah!

Might write tonight, unless that fucker comes back
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