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Welsh people fall asleep during sex

Today's been odd. I woke baby up thinking it was 11... but it was only half nine :[

Recent weather has been far too hot, so the trip to Tesco was boiling. Got Kerrang and bean wraps. Kerrang is sex. Bullet is hot. Panic! is hot. MCR is hot. Lostprophets is hot. Fightstar is hot. Hot hot hot. Yay The Blackout! I saw em at Give It A Name and loved them and now they have a single out so I must track it down. *writes on hand* On of them looks like Dave. Is it a Welsh thing to be bleach blonde?

No news on the MCR tour yet, but I'm guessing next week might have it. The Bulelt poster is sex though.

Shop was meh, cause... well it's the shop. Least I got some money (which is now gone cause I gave baby £12 and spent £10 at the newsagent).

At the newsagent I got three things:
Top Of The Pops magazine (which has not only a sexy Harry poster, but also one of Dougie naked at G-A-Y as well as a free game disc)
Pokemon Metal Tag starter set (cause I love the mon, even though I got Linoone)
And, most importantly Nintendo magazine. With a free Zelda gift (a dvd/cd-rom

I learned a lot from it. Lego Star Wars 2 has gained 93% rating, which means it must be brilliant. Pokemon has been around for a decade. Jebus. Wii is out late this year. Most importantly though is the whole several page thing on Zelda.

Zelda is love love love. Link is THE hottest computer game character. It's the ears. Or the hair. Or the general green-cladness. Either way he's sex. Twilight Princess looks like it'll be the best game in history, if only cause of wolf!Link and the amazing graphics. *dreamysigh*

*isn't thinking about Jay/Bob*
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