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But It's Better If You Do

But It's Better If You Do
Author: shadow_hive
Pairing: Matt Tuck/Ryan Ross
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ryan
Fandoms: Bullet For My Valentine, Panic! At The Disco, Bring Me The Horizon
Summary: Ryan has an 'interesting' night at this years Kerrang awards
Notes: First Panic! fic (but it wasn't meant to be) so I hope people like
Dedications: antontobias86 < 33

I'd no idea why we were even here, it had been Brendon's idea. 'Oh we're in England and we've been invited to the Kerrang awards, let's go.' Now we were here I realised that it had been stupid to come. We hadn't won anything and now everone was drunk out of their skulls. Everyone except us that is. So now that the awards themselves were over, we were just sitting out of the way with Patrick, until, he too, joined the crowd. I turned to Spencer, who looked very bored, even though Jon's hand was on his knee and edging it's way higher. "Spence... can we please go?"

His eyes fluttered from the crowd of drunk dancing to me. "And be the first to leave?" He shook his head as Jon's hand edged up to his crotch. "No, we'll stay an hour or two, besides, Brendon's having fun."

"That's because he's getting drinks for a teenager and being paid with make out sessions!" I nodded over to where Brendon was, his tongue deep down the young British boy's throat. "See?"

Spencer followed my eyeline, then shook his head. "Then go and find your own guy to do that with." Jon's hand was now on his crotch, undoing his fly and pulling out his hardness. At last, Spencer batted his hand away then turned to him. "If you're going to do something with that then get under the table." Jon merely nodded, before sliding down under it, Spencer's eyes returmning back to me. "I mean it Ryan. Go and find someone, have some fun. All these guys are drunk and you're hot, so you could have any of them you wanted." He gazed down at Jon's head, clicking his fingers to gain his attention. "Watch your teeth." He licked his lips after a moment. "Better." Then his eyes returned to me, gesturing with one hand at the crowd. "Go. Now."

I sighed to myself, but he had a point. I may as well enjoy myself as we were going to be here for awhile longer. "Ok, Spence." I turned my eyes out over the crowd, studying all of the men. There were so few women here, they may as well not exist. Most of the men were British as far as I could tell. Most of them I couldn't recognise. In fact, the only one's I knew were from the various Kerrang magazines Spence had gotten us. Sadly, Brendon had gotten to read them first. Well, I say read, I mean cut out pictures of all the guys that he found attractive and sticking them in a notebook to memorise or jack off to later. When it came around to my turn at reading, most of the pictures had gone so I had no idea who was who.

"Ryan, either go and find one or I'll choose one for you." I heard Spencer say behind me, his voice surprisingly steady for someone who was getting his cock sucked.

"Okay, okay, I'm going." I stood up and left the table, heading out in the crowd to find someone. There were so many faces that I didn't recognise and so many looked out of it. I didn't really feel comfortable just looking for a guy who would, most likely be drunk.

"Hey pretty thing." I heard a drunken, heavily accented voice practically moan down my ear, his arms wrapped around my stomach. I struggled against his touch and his arms just tightened their grip. "What's a pretty little thing like you doing walking around alone hmm?" I didn't answer, trying to struggle more against him, but he just pressed his body against me, his hardness prominant. "Fancy going into the loo's for a nice hard shag?" I trembled at his words, not desiring to know what these 'loo's'' were, let alone go inside them with this man and be 'shagged' whatever that was, although I assumed it was something sexual.

"No... please..." I tried to elbow him away, but he held me too tightly for it to do anything. I tried struggling agan, but he was just too strong.

"Padge!" A man appeared from the crowd, who'd most ignored what was happpening. He had shoulder length brown hair and was dressed in a black band tee, with what looked like a skull on it, and a pair of jeans that had large holes in them at the knees. Down his left arm was a complicated, yet beautiful tattoo. I recognised him as someone who'd won an award, but I didn't know who. "Piss off ok?" His hand went to my assailant's shoulder, pushing him away. "He clear doesn't want it."

"But Matt, he's so pretty..." His voice seemed sad, but his grip was already loosening.

"Find someone else Padge." This Matt-person growled, his eyes clearly glaring at Padge. "Now."

"Fine, fine." He let go of me completely and left without another word, stumbling off into the crowd.

Matt turned to me a few seconds later, gazing into my eyes and touching my shoulder. "Are you alright?" I managed to nod, giving him a small smile.

"Yeah, thanks."

"It's ok. I'm so sorry about him, he's not a bad person, it's just when he's drunk..." He returned my smile and shook his head. "He loses it, he's normally so together." He shook his head slowly. "I'm just glad I saw you before anything happened." I was still slightly shakey and concern flashed over his face. "Hey, fancy a drink to calm you down?" I nodded, glad he was so kind. "Ok." He held out his hand for me to take. "I'm Matt by the way."

I took it and lightly shook it. "Ryan."

"Ok, Ryan, what do you want?" He lead me through the crowd, towads the bar. "Beer? Wine? Champagne?"

I shook my head, unsure of how he'd take my next words. "No, I don't... drink alcohol."

"At all?" I shook my head and he nodded, with a smile. "That's cool, each to their own. Pepsi then?" I gave him a smile and a nod, gazing over his body. He was quite attractive and maybe, just maybe, he'd be that someone that Spencer wanted me to be with. I climbed onto a bar stool as he ordered our drinks, sitting next to me as he did so. "So, having a good time? Apart from Padge attempting to molest you that is."

I shrugged as the drink was placed in front of me, picking up the glass and taking a sip before replying. "Not really, these awards party's aren't really my thing. I don't drink or do drugs or anything and just... get bored. How about you?"

He nodded slowly at my words before answering. "I get what you mean. I used to get wasted at these things, but now, I don't feel the need, you know? It kinda seems I have to be the 'grown up' one. I mean, if that had happened last year, I might have helped him instead of you." He sighed to himself, taking his own drink and gulping some of it down. "I've kinda gotta keep an eye on the others, like with Padge. Jay and Moose aren't as bad, but they can be." I smiled at him, he sounded like he was talking about children rather then his own band mates.

"Erm, Matt? What's your band called?" I blushed, my cheeks becoming rosy as I asked.

"Oh, I didn't realise you didn't know." He shook his head and patted my shoulder. "We've become so well known here I forget, some people don't know us. We're Bullet For My Valentine." He licked his lips. "I know which band you're from though. Panic! At The Disco right?" I nodded and he grinned, clearly proud he was right. "Listen, I know this might sound strange, but... you're pretty hot. Would you wanna do something?"

I bite my lip, considering it for a moment. He was certainly hot and he had helped me out, plus at least he wasn't forcing himself on me like Padge had. After another second's thought I nodded. "Sure, where do you wanna go?"

"Well... I don't want to do you in the toilet's, there's too much action going on there anyway. There's no room to even piss there, last time I went." He looked thoughtful, then leaned forward, whispering in my ear. "How about a store room? No one even bothers with them most of the time in my experience. Would that be alright?" Again, I had to think, but this tme it was a much shorter consideration. I nodded slightly and gave him a small smile. "Ok, come with me." He stood, leaving our half-finished drinks behind as he took my hand and led me through the crowd of people, towards the store room. Ten minutes of pushing, shoving and sneaking later we finally arrived there. It was some distance from the main party itself as no one was even near the room. Two of the corridors that we'd been through had been silent and devoid of life all together. He opened the door to the room, tugging me inside before pushing me up against the nearest wall and crashing his lips on mine. I felt his hips press against my own, his hardness pressing against my crotch, making my own cock start to rise beneath my pants. His mouth opened slightly, so that his tongue could snake over my lips and beg for entry. I didn't resist him and, instead, just parted my lips and allowed his tongue to press inside my mouth, the tip pressing gently against my own. One of his hands slid under my open jacket, fumbling to undo my shirt buttons, after a few moments they were all undone and my shirt was open for him exposing my chest for his eager fingers. My left arm was wrapped around his back, holding him close as my right hand was tangled in his long hair, his own hands roaming my chest and back, his fingertips brushing over my nipples.

He broke the kiss after a few minutes, making me whimper at the loss as he untangled his arms from around me. He smiled and planted a quick kiss on my lips, before taking a few steps back. "Don't worry, this isn't over." He reached for the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it up, revealing his chest for me. It only took a few seconds for him to pull it over his head and drop it to the floor. As I gazed over his bare, sweaty chest I started to feel a little embarrassed about my own less-muscular body. He smiled at me, reaching with both hands to push my jacket and shirt down my arms to the floor, leaving me as topless as he was. "Much better." He purred softly, crossing the short space between us to kiss me once more, his tongue quickly re-finding it's way back inside my mouth. His hands, like his tongue, resumed their positions, only now free of clothing they were able to move with greater ease. My own hands now traced his spine as well as caressing his long hair. After another few minutes of making out he stopped again, panting heavily for air that I hadn't realised we needed, and gazing lustfully into my eyes. "So Ryan, how do you want to do this?" When I didn't reply he leaned forward and whispered softly in my ear. "Are you a top or a bottom?"

"Oh..." I licked lightly at his exposed neck before replying, my pants feeling even tighter now. "I'm a bottom."

He nodded slightly, as if he'd already known the answer but wanted to hear it from my own lips before doing anything. He reached to his zipper, sliding it down and undoing the button above it so he could push his jeans down his legs. He stood before me, in only his boxers, the outline of his erect cock clear below the material. I followed his lead, undoing my pants and pushing them down around my ankles, stepping out of them as he had done a few seconds ago. He didn't bother undoing his trainers, simply kicking them off his feet as I knelt down and undid my shoelaces. By the time I'd stepped out of them and put them aside with my socks inside, he was naked; his hard, slightly weeping length pointing straight at me. Not wanting to be left out, I pushed my boxers to the floor, the underwear joining the pile of our clothes already there. He smiled as he gazed over my nude body, before he bought his left hand up and brushed his fingertips lightly over my cheek. "Do you want me to use a rubber?"

My hungry eyes scanned his bare body for a moment before I answered. "Are you clean?" He nodded slowly in response, which was a good enough answer for me. "Then no." Although Spencer would probably kill me if he found out I was going to have sex with some 'random' British guy unprotected. Or like last time, when he'd practically had a fit and decided to try and drag me to the nearest sexual health clinic. Thankfully Jon intervened and calmed him down, convincing him I was ok.

Matt leaned forward and lightly kissed my neck before moving back and purring softly. "Do you want to lube me up?" I nodded, knowing exactly what he meant as, clearly, neither of us had any. I slowly slid down to my knees, licking down his chest until I arrived at his trail. I placed light kisses down the path of dark hair to his crotch, inhaling his scent as his curly hairs tickled my nose. He purred above me softly and I pulled back slightly, gazing at his full, throbbing erection up close. I glanced up at him, before planting a soft kiss on his wet, sticky head. I parted my lips, then took it into my mouth, lightly suckling on the salty flesh. I closed my eyes, rubbing his thighs as I slid my lips down his solid shaft inch-by-inch, my thumbs caressing his balls, soft moans issuing from his mouth. My tongue pressed against the underside of his length, making him groan even louder as my nose pressed against his pubic hair, most of his length now fully in my mouth. "Oh Ryan..." His hands were now tangled in my short hair as he moaned my name in pleasure, my lips sliding up and down the shaft. I made sure to twirl my tongue around the head every time I pulled back, coating it with my saliva as best I could. I moved one hand from his thigh, pressing one of my fingers into my mouth next to his length, licking it when I swirled my tongue around him. "Jesus..." I heard him mumbled from above, unsure as to whether he was referring to the feeling or sight of what I was doing. I smiled around him as I slid it out of my mouth, satisfied it was wet enough, I trailed it down my body. I ran it along the cleft of my ass slowly, searching for my pucker then pressing my finger against it, closing my eyes tighter as it entered me. Sure I was used to both bigger and smaller things going up there now, but I always braced myself whenever anything entered me, even though now the pain was practically non-existant. I wiggled my finger inside me, then worked in a second, knowing my ass was ready for it. I scissored them inside me gently as I moved from sucking Matt's shaft, instead choosing to lick along it so it would be completely covered in my saliva. Satisfied his length was coated, I kissed and licked his soft balls, my moans joining his as a third finger joined the first two, making sure I'd be ready for him. Satisfied, and not wanting him to shoot just from my mouthwork, I stood up, pulling my fingers out as I did so.

I turned around and put my hands on the wall in front of me, wiggling my ass slowly for him. "I'm ready for you, big boy." I knew I sounded like a whore when I said that but everyone seemed to enjoy it, so I kept saying it.

He nodded and I heard him lick his lips as he gripped my hips, thrusting his own forward, filling me with his slick cock. I closed my eyes, moaning at the intrusion and tipping my head back as his head brushed my spot. No sooner was he all the way in before he pulled out again, slamming himself back inside me before he was all the way out. I felt his hot breath against the back of my neck, hearing his loud moans of pleasure with each new thrust, my own echoing back at him. His lips soon found my neck, his teeth nipping at my skin, first gently, then rougher as his thrusts became harder and faster. I could feel he'd broken the skin, but I didn't care, at least it would prove to Spencer I'd had some action and maybe make Brendon a little jealous. I put such thoughts out of my head, instead choosing to enjoy the moment, clenching my hole around him. He groaned my name, his mouth and teeth leaving my neck to give the same treatment to the other side of it. I groaned his name in pleasure, knowing his marks would be clear for all to see, I reached down and grasped my cock in one hand, stroking myself in time with his thrusts. He must have seen what I was doing, as one of his hands left my hip and joined my hand on my length. I groaned his name, letting go so he could take control of the strokes, each of his thrusts inside me hitting my spot.

"Fuck... Matt..." I moaned his name, knowing I was close and tightened myself around him, hoping that he was close too. From his breathy moans I could tell he was as close as I was, his tongue brushing over the bite marks he'd given me.

"I'm so close..." He half-purred, half-growled down my ear and seconds later he screamed my name, spraying deep up my ass. My own orgasm followed soon after, preceded by a similar moan of his name, my cum hitting the wall in front of us, the rest dribbling down his fingers. He panted heavily, bringing his hand up to his lips and I watches as he lapped up all of my cum from his fingers. "Thank you..." He purred in my ear as he sliipped out of my heat, wiping his cock against my ass, leaving a smear of cum. Before I could move to either dress or clean my asshole with my fingers, I felt his tongue swipe over my ass cheek, cleansing it of the stain he'd left, then going to suck his load out of me. His lips surrounded my entrance and his tongue was inside me, collecting all of his seed from within me, making me moan once more. All too soon he'd cleaned me out and he rose behind me, kissing the back of my neck. "Your ass tastes amazing, Ryan, just like your cum." I felt the heat rise to my cheeks as he turned me around, giving me another of his heated kisses, the taste of cum clear in his mouth and on his tongue.

He pulled back, gasping for air with a smile on his face. "Guess we'd better get back." I nodded in agreement, as he picked up his t-shirt, pulling it over his head and covering his hot, sweaty body. I followed his lead after a few seconds, re-clothing myself in my pants and shirt. Having a lead, he was already dressed and had a marker out, writing on the wall where I couldn't see. Once I was dressed I went beside him, peering over his shoulder at what he'd written. It was my name and not the only one there. Deciding not to question him and only recognising half of the other names, I leaned down, kissing his tattoo lightly.

"I'd better go..." He nodded in agreement, taking my hand in his and leading me to the door. I looked around the room one last time, inhaling the scent of sex that hung in the air. I knew I'd never forget what had happened here. I planted a kiss on his neck lightly as he opened the door, taking us back to the party.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, matt tuck, matt tuck/ryan ross, panic! at the disco, ryan ross, slash
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