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Into the city

Yay! Apparently there's gonna be an MCR tour before year's end! :D That's made me so insanely hyper. Hope it's gonna be November or December. December would be better methinks.

Ordered more stuff from Skeleton Crew, though it seems like it might be sent home instead of here :[ Oops.

When did Silent Hill come out? I didn't think it'd be out for a few more weeks. Sigh.

We're drinking pepsi from cans cause they had NO BOTTLES AT ALL! well they had diet, but I refuse to acknowledge that as pepsi WTF?!

Pokemon Channel irks me.

After getting Kerrang tommorrow and squeeing over it I'll be in hiding from Sofina.

*returns to writing*

Oh, and the new Mcfly logo? Have they given up on hiding their gayness?
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