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We'll carry on

Baby is annoying and I wanna poke her with a stick! :P

I hate the trip, it's so long and made me feel woozy. We did a list of who's dom and who's sub and now it's 10+ pages of my notebook. Might scan later.

I hate mum even more, cause Kit hasn't come cause of her stupid card. I've forgotten which password I used for the site so I've had to get them to e-mail me a new one. *hisses at her*

Heard Welcome To The Black Parade on Radio 1. I love it. It's really two songs, but it works somehow.

Making baby write ;)

No MCR tee's yet, I ordered some more plus a Skeleton Crew hoodie.

At least Punk Rock Holocaust is here < 333

Edit: E-bayed a replacement Kit

Gonna write later
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