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Registered transport

Almost packed, cept for device and one power lead I can't find.

There's a fic I was gonna post that I started last night but I doubt I'll finish it in the time I have.

I've left a note for mum, that's ranty in places, but it's short.

Taking three bags, but one's empty (for tee's and stuff) and the other ha the cube and the third has food and stuff in. So it's not as much as it sounds.

Gonna try and finish fic before I go now, but I only have <15 minutes to do it in.

The new Star Wars mini's are love.

Got something from uni, no dates though, but I'm in basically.

Steve Irwin's dead, which is so... strange and surreal. Baby's sad about it :( RIP.

Better post later, after hearing Welcome To The Black Parade at 7 (on radio 1)

Edit: Scratch fic writing, it'd be rushed and mistake ridden :(

i leave all my comm's in the capable handds of my various co-mod's while I'm gone < 3
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