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Bring me the passangers, I want them alive

Mum's back and I've seen her today. Moan moan moan. Turns out she wasn't the one that left me money. Sigh

Least I have doritos at last.

Baby's in the bath, I'll be going back with her for a week tommorrow, but I'll be taking my fic again and trying to write. In amongst squeeing over Kit, Punk Rock Holocaust and tee's of course. Plus next Monday we'll be getting Lego Star Wars two which will be < 333 I'll only bother getting Empire of the trilogy when I see it.

b_paradeslash I wanted it to be blackparadeslash, but that was too long by one character. Sigh, still, tis there so...

Edit: Laura *wibble* I've messed up my journal somehow :[ can you help pweese?

Edit 2: lapifors you are my hero! *gives cookies and Shane*
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