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Gonna show my spark

Watched Moon Child finally. It's... weird. You can tell Kei and Sho are lovers and it would make such hot sex, but alas, there's no direct proof like I thought there might be.


But it wins an award for most languages ever. There's at least 4.

Welcome To The Black Parade is on MCR's myspace. I can't be arsed to link, so go anyway.

I'm so pissed off with the mychemicalslash mods (again I know). They seem to have let power of one of the largest fandoms ever go to their heads, which has made them go quite insane. I mean, banning people for constantly getting things wrong? What drugs are they smoking? I'm not gonna even bother trying to post again cause they'll find one little thing again so I won't bother.


Something baby said awhile back has clicked with me, so tommorrow I'll make my own mcr slash comm. It can't be that hard can it?
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