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Screen wipe, new scene

First word from mum today. She's back I assume, just not heere. Her return seemsunlikely. Blissfully.

Watched the last 3 discs of Will And Grace. It was... weird. Kinda surreal that it ended. I'd hoped Will and Jack got together but they didn't :( I like the start of the finale though, with Karen and Rosario. I < 3 Karen, she's the best. I hate Leo though. Grace shouldn't have gone back to him.

Seriousness sucks, but I should see someone about my gigglefits I keep having. They're turning into literal fits.

Watched The L Word today, just the Pilot. I've learned a grand totlal of nothing and can't put names to faces. The only thing I have learned is shane is hot. But I knew that anyway.

Still got one MCR tee missing. Still lack doritos. Still lack any uni-ness. Still have block. I have ideas, just dunno how to write em.

Does anyone else eat bread with salt on?

And poor Bob for getting an infection :(

Edit: We heard thumps. I think it's a ghosty. And there was a bright light in the sky last night...
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