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Bump in the night

I hate spiders. Even more so when they run away before I can feed them to my venus fly trap.

Last night was spent watching Most Haunted, which is brilliant. I love how there was some really creepy things they couldn't explain at all (ala a cross that was left in a locked room that freakin moved!). Then they were in an old underground station and I became intruiged by mention of subterraneans that supposedly lived down there.

I don't like I Spit On Your Grave. The camera-work is shit and the sound is even worse. When they talk, you can't hear them, yet when there's a motorboat it's so loud it hurts my ears. We didn't even finish watching it, so I figure it was banned due to crapness rather then anything else.

Saw the VMA MCR performance and how amazing is it? At the start, just before they're performing, I thought it was the video. I'm so hyper about all their new stuff, it's clear whenever I see or hear it. And, cause I've not mentioned it before, Bob's new hair is love.

I hate that you have to use dive towards the end of Emerald. It's a shit move.

Stupid flea market on Animal Crossing today. Gah.

Mum's due back today at some point. In the whole week they've been gone they've not called once, not even at night or yesterday. Therefore I'm pissed off at them all for basically blanking me completely. I'm even more pissed at how they not only trust my uncle with a key, but have called him more then once and me not at all.

I tried to write last night, but managed only 2 paragraphs, only one of which I like. I tried to switch to doing a smut fic but couldn't do that either. It's like all I have now is block. Sigh

Baby's still asleep, which means I'm up alone.
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