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Allways all ways

Didn't wake up till late today, even though the postman came and pressed the door buzzer :[

MCR's perforance at the VMA's is on it's website, yet it was screwy for me. Awww at Gerard with a cane < 33 you know where it's been

Played Pokemon Channel and it's the most babyish Pokemon game in history. It's so simple, the places so small and everything is just.. easy. Least I get Jirachi, but not for days. Pikachu's funny though.

Pepsi's running low, so is bread.

Will And Grace is love, especially the live ep. They could not keep a gay face :D

That's pretty much it I think....

Edit: The gayness between the pigs (Harry And Dougie) is more palpable. They're rubbed nose, Dougie;'s sniffed Harry's ass and other general cute gayness < 333

And my glasses broke :[
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