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Social interaction will cease!

Went to Birmingham today. Some good things, some bad.

Good things:
*Star Wars mini's came this morning
*Got to Birmingham and got the new Will And Grace boxset for £9.99!!!! Holy crap. But it was even less due to a buy one get one half price thing
*The other dvd set I got was The L Word, for £12.99 (which should help when I do Poyntercest/Sawa fic)
*Got Pokemon Channel too, if only for Jirachi (twas £5)
*Got American Dad boxset for £10.97
*Also got a hot bloody-schoolboy poster of MCR
*Yoinking a Bullet dvd thing
*Saw the gorgous Kit figure at Forbidden Planet

The bad:
*The Lego shop being shut down
*Gamestation pissing me off cause it's only half open
*Annoying drunkards on the fucking train. I hate them
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