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What To Do With The Dead Part 4

What To Do With The Dead
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Mikey/Gerard: Mikey/Ian
Notes: It's very AU and will have crossovers
Warnings: I don't really know how to describe so... gory stuff.
POV: Mikey
Fandoms: MCR/Lostprophets
Dedications: antontobias86 (very very especially for this part, she=my main inspiration for it) imyournobody Emo!Tom courtesy of w0rds0fl0ve and khitlerbitch
Disclaimer: not mine/not real etc

Ian's eyes were taking all my decorations I'd made with my big brother. His eyes were wide and filled with a mix of shock and horror. "Welcome to my brother's room Ian. Do you like what I've done with the place?" , The main focus of his gaze was Gerard's head mounted on the wall. His cold, dead eyes were rimmed with kohl eyeliner. His dark hair was sticking up at various angles, something I'd taken great care in doing. His lips were parted slightly and painted black, a few tell tale white stains visible. The rest of his face was pure and white, like he'd been carved out of marble rather then having ever been alive.

"M.. Mikey.. please tell me that's no..." He was trembling as he spoke, his fear clear in his voice.

"Yes Ian. That's really my big brother's head on the wall." I stated simply, enjoying his reaction, his fear arousing me. I could already feel my cock starting to rise. "And everything else you see in here has been... kindly donated by him. Even the new light fixture." I gestured over to a shelf handing on the opposite wall and Ian's head turned to see. Draped over a shelf I'd cleared lay the new source of light, which bathed the room in red light. The unnatural light provided by an old string of christmas lights which I'd threaded, with great care, inside Gerard's intestines, creating an unnatural red glow.


"Yes, he was when I'd finished with him." I laughed to myself as he trembled in fear, his grip on my hand slightly looser now. "But please, look at everything, take it in. All in." He turned from Gerard's intestines, slowly looking at the rest of the room. He froze again as his eyes fell just above the bedside table, where the the wall bore a crimson splatter. There, seemingly emerging from a pool of blood, was Gerard's left hand. I'd carefully nailed it to the wall, so carefully in fact, that not a single nail was clearly visible. His hand was out-streached, like it had been as he'd died and, resting in his palm, was his gorgeous, beating heart. Of course, it wasn't beating of it's own accord as it once did. I'd pushed in, through one of the valves, a small toy motor.that made it appear to beat. I glanced from the organ to Ian's face, his cheeks turning slightly green. "Now, now, you can save being sick till you've seen everything." I purred, stroking his palid cheek gently. He felt so cold and looked so afraid. It turned me on even more. "Or do I have to gag your pretty mouth?" He neither said, nor did anything in response, so I assumed he'd got the point. "Good boy."

I turned him to gaze at Gerard's right hand, which came out from a similar red splatter on the wall as the other, only this time it was balled into a fist. I'd broken most of his fingers to get it to look that way, but it seemed worth it. It looked, like every part of him I'd used, pretty. Below it was a small table, which was bare apart a sculpture I'd created of a dinosaur. I'd used several of Gerard's bones to make it. It was quite simplistic: Rib bones had been used to make the legs, the body and the neck. I'd carved the ends so they looked like the head, tail and feet. I was quite proud of it, despite it's obvious simplicity. "Those are my brother's bones. And that.." I nodded at the flesh that was under the bones, which was barely visible. "That's his cock and balls. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them." I pointed down to the legs of the table facing towards us. At the bottom of them, Gerard's feet were attached to the legs. The nails were painted black, just like the nails of his hands, which was a sharp contrast to the pasty white of his skin. Proped up against the table was his spinal cord, each vertebrae polished so it glistened in the light.

It took about two minutes before Ian realised he'd seen everything, then another two before he broke the silence. "W...where is the rest of him?"

"Most of the rest of his bones are in the closet." I nodded to it, it's dark doors still shut. "I figured they'd make good coat hangers. The rest of him?" I gazed into his eyes, revelling in his expression. "Well, I fucked him every day until there was nothing left to fuck. I've kept most of his skin, haven't decided what to do with it yet though. His ass? Well, I was going to display it like the head, but I tore his entrance up so much I didn't see much point in keeping it. I've got vials of his bodily fluids in the fridge downstairs, some of his shit too." I licked my lips and moved a hand to my belly, lightly stroking it. "The rest... well, it's in me. Well, I've still got some left in the fridge. He tastes amazing roasted, but I prefered tearing the flesh right from his bones and devouring it." I let go of his hand and moved to stand in front of him, my eyes scanning his body hngrily. "Sadly, he was already dead when I ate... but I'll be sure not to make the same mistake twice." Before he could react, I reached forward and gripped his jacket zipper, pulling it down quickly, my other hand holding onto his shoulder tightly.

"M... Mikey... please... don't..." He tried to struggle, but I slide the hand on his shoulder under his jacket and black tee, digging my nails into his soft skin as soon as I felt it. He yelped softly and stilled his movements. "Please, I'll do anything you want."

After a moment's thought, I let go of his shoulder, licking my lips slowly. "Take off your clothes." He nodded nervously, slowly pulling his jacket off and dropping it on the floor. His trembling fingers held the bottom of his tee before pulling it over his head, it joining the jacket on the floor seconds later. His chest was exposed to me fully for the first time, the twin tattoo's on his arms clear to me now. His nipples were erect, clearly more from fear or coldness then arousal and his dark trail lead down between the guns to his hidden crotch. He bent down, undoing his shoe laces and stepping out of his trainers. He stood back up, then undid his flies, pushing his jeans and boxers down to pool around his ankles. His cock wasn't erect, but it looked to be quite big, surrounding it were a forest of curly pubic hair and his full balls hung low beneath it. "Good boy." I slowly walked around him, examining his body from all angles. He was so gorgeous, his ass looked so round and firm and his legs looked like they'd taste so good once I'd peeled his skin off. "Now, get on the bed."

"What? Here I...?"

"Get on the fucking bed! Hands and knees, now!" He nodded numbly, moving to the bed and climbing on top of it, placing his hands on the matress and parting his legs. "Now, that's better." I crossed the room to him, shoving his head down into the pillow. "You don't get to see me undress whore." He kept his head there even when I moved my hand, using both of mine to rid me of my shirt. I tossed it beside his then slide my hands into my pockets, my fingers in each pocket grasping around bone. "Now, keep very, very still..." I pulled both pieces of bone out, raising them above his hands and slamming them down through his skin and flesh. He screamed loudly in pain, the bones of my brother now holding him on the bed. "I sharpened them just in case I had any trouble." His hands moved around the bone, trying to escape. "Now, now, that won't do you any good. You see, the more you fight the worse your pain will be. So you may as well stop now." Of course, he was still moaning in pain, as I pushed my jeans down to the floor, my hard cock free at last. "Your groans are starting to piss me off now, so open your fucking mouth wide so I can shut you up." I moved to where his head was at the end of the bed and grwoled when he failed to raise his head. I tangled my fingers in his hair, roughly raising his head so he was face to face with my hard, pulsing erection. He barely had time to realise what was happening before I forced my length between his lips, immediately silencing him. I felt his tongue brush against my underside, which made me moan even though I knew it was only from his attempted cries. I gripped the end of the bone that was through his left hand and twisted it harshly when I felt his teeth scrape against me. "Be a good whore. That means no biting off my cock, that's for me to do to you." His eyes were glistening with tears of pain, his cheeks even whiter then before. I gazed at both his hands as I thrust deeper down his throat, purring at the blood that now covered them both. I pulled out of his mouth slightly, then thrust back into his mouth, the sight of blood and the feel of his lips around me making me lose control. I knew I wouldn't last long but I was past caring.

Until I felt something surround my cock. "What the fuck?" I growled down at him and noticed his cheeks were tinted green again. As I pulled my cock out I instantly could see what it was that I'd felt. "You little shit! Being sick around my cock!" I hissed at him, wiping my length in his hair as the rest of the vomit drooled from between his lips. "And to think I considered keeping you alive..." I moved from his head, unable to stand the sight of his face much longer. "I'm going to fuck you and when I'm done I want that pillow cleaned up or I'll make the rest of your short life even more pain filled then I intend to."

I didn't care weather of not he heard me or not as I mounted the bed behind him. I spread his cheeks with my hands, placing the head of my saliva and vomit covered erection at his pucker. I rammed my length back inside him, this time at the opposite end of his digestive system. After my first thrust I ran my right hand up along his spine, then into his clean hair, pushing it against the pillow. "Remember to clean slut!" Once I could hear the sound of his tongue swiping at the pillow I resumed my thrusts, each getting more powerful then the last. I watched as his sweaty back quivered each time I rammed inside of him, the nails of my left hand digging into his ass cheek. Soon, I was back to being close again, my pre-cum slicking his hole with every thrust. After just a handful more thrusts I shoot my load inside him, coating his insides with my load. I collapsed on him, panting heavily from pleasure. I gazed at the pillow, noticng that a few spots of sick was still present.

"You'd better be prepared for pain." I rose from the bed, my tongue fluttering over my lips as I examined his body. "Yes, your pretty body will endure much more pain." I ran a finger along his spine, purring softly to myself at the feel of his slick skin. "I can promise you that."
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, ian watkins, ian watkins/mikey way, lostprophets, mikey way, slash

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