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Ashes to ashes

Batterys are dying everywhere and the pod still is dead (well the last time I checked).

Worse still, I'm annoyed at fic. What happened to Ian was meant to only be one part, it's become two, now it looks as if it might be three. I don't want it to be three part killings, I want it to be one part killings. Gah!

If I have nothing more by bed the it will be.

I'm annoyed with myself too, for various reasons.

Catwoman is cool.

I'm gonna go off and smoke.

Things to do tommorrow: Get Kerrang
See Kel, cause she's bringing dvds back
be awake early for any mini's

Not in that order of course

Edit: That's great Stuie. set fire to your hair instead of the fucking ciggy!
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