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I'm a bad, bad, bad man

I've spent most of this morning uploading these.

Videos from Reading which look brilliant

Cemetary Drive
I Never Told You What I Do For A Living
Thank You For The Venom
House Of Wolves

My baby helped me. By helpd I mean did them for me :D < 333

Where is my Life On The Murder Scene dvd? I want it cause of the discount thing in it and I wanna get some MCR/the Black Parade tees. Only cause I know it's paypalable.

Going to Cannock later so baby can get something from Argos.

I've very pissed about my pod which has DIED! Turn it on and it won't get passed the logo :( I've recharged and reset it countless times but to no avail. It sucks! I wanan be able to listen to music on the go.

No mail since mum left, so no mini's yet :(

I found Punk Rock Holocaust, but it's Region 1. Gah! I hope Birmingham have it.

Gonna be writing when I get back.
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