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to the official Reading and Leeds/Kerrang! awards squee post which will be edited all night.

BMTH Curtis/Oli. it needs to be done.

While excepting the awad Padge HUMPED Matt. I wasn't imagining it!

Wet!Matt is sex

TBS Adam is oh so gay.

I'm Not Okay again! just after Last Train Home! after Tears Don't Fall! WOO!

Where the hell is Ian?

And Pete

Rooftops video. Ian is the sex

Matt/dude outta Aidenness and he swore < 333

Ghost Of You < 33

Awwww Ian! So cute and dopy

He didn't learn about oral hygine... ;) New vidness!!!! Posibly the gayest vid ever

MCR Accepting the award: Cute Bob, freaky background, Mikey's eye, Mikey in leather...., Frankie's adorableness, Gee's thumbs up and wave! And I'm npot Okay again. It's like buses with that vid today

And now Helena! < 333333333333

Padge speaking! And drunk and liking hookers! Ryan is cute! Oli! Charlie! Padge getting a wedgie! Matt! Other Matt!

MCR MCR MCR MCR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recording it. So far they're played oine new song:
Dead which I really like < 33
House Of Wolves 'I think we're gonna burn in hell' we all know why ;)

Old songs:

Waycest and plenty of it

Best. Think. Ever. Frankie is so cute, bashing his guitar like that. I think Ray hit Mikey by mistake :[

And they put them on again < 3333333333 And I think it's longer

BBC2 had Helena playing. I can't believe security guards thought MCR were girls. Apparently Radio One people have the album. GAH!

Panic! < 333

End of post, no more edits.

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