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To save you

Happy birthday jockstrap_girl! < 333333 *Fludd's the Earth with love8

From what I can gather about Punk Rock Holocaust 2, Mikey, Gee and Bob aren't in it :( But Ray and Frankie are, so that's good. Maybe they'll be added on the dvd.

Posted fic last night, but outside of here.. no one's commented. It's odd.

Me and baby talked for hours about random things last night. Mostly it was good. Mostly

Why's all the Lostprophets slash comm's dead? It bugs me, you'd think they'd be more fics now cause of how popular they are again but, alas, no. I can't seem to find any. I wanna read more Ian smut.

Found two fics that I must read

I had a Gee/Mikey/Frankie smut dream that I might do.

Restarted Pokemon Emerald and have so far got to Slateport.

I can't wait till 7. I'm all itching to see Reading and Leeds and hear MCR and new stuff maybe. I hope so. They better play the full set. If BBC screws me over I'll bop someone on the head. At least they're listed as being on. (The only bad thing is missing the Kerrang Awards thing on The Hits)

*points to icon* Hot, no?

Edit: Someone look at my userpics and tell me what i'm missing. I was meant to icon someone/something but can't recall who/what :[

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