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Don't even try to piss me off bitch

I saw someone bein bitchy bout Blue slash. Of course I managed (barely though) to refrain from commenting. I'm not, however, going to name names. I'm not gonna be responsible for starting something that's as childish as hair pulling and name calling on a school yard. But if anyone does want said name of he/she/it then send in a a self addressed envelope to me, and I'll consider it. Then run and hide until the aftermath is over.
Said person knows who they are, but I can't be bothered to keep tabs on anythin else they say: unless of course they manage to serverly piss me off, which in and of itself is highly unlikely (but not impossible). Unless they can manifest themselves here to hit me on the nose, (or diss a fic where I can see it!) then they'll avoid a bitch slapping!

*Takes deep breath*

Anyway, bustedslash is going well. 3 fics already, including mine. Yay!
Will and Grace was funny as always, "There's a bar, there's a homo." he he
Sex and The City was good too, as always :)

Just waiting for Futurama, then I might watch Underworld documentaries (of which the new mood theme is he he)
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