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Haven't you heard that I'm the new cancer

Gonna post pictures later, but now in a MCR squee-over-things-from-London-that-have-been-posted mood.

The Black Parade outside which creeps me out
Their outfits which are gay gay gay
They played at least one new song Cancer wich is slower then normal, but I like.

The cd in Kerrang doesn't have a new song sadly, just live Venom. However there's a non-blonde Gee poster and a thing about the 'cryptic' Black Parade. (Plus Bullet and Panic! are in their too)

I don't wanna wait two months for the album, I want now.

The awards are tommorrow, fingers crossed for fightstar, Panic!, Bullet, Lostprophets and MCR. Not that they need it.

The cd also has Taking Back Sunday so I can hear them properly at last.

Watched some of the Dir En Grey dvd. They're so hot. But I still can't put names to faces. I think they're brilliant though, even though I've been listening to their albums for a day.

So at the moment, my top 10 artists/bands are.

1: My Chemical Romance
2: Dir En Grey
3: Panic! At The Disco
4: Lostprophets
5; Lacuna Coil
6: Thursday
7: AFI
8: Bullet For My Valentine
9: Fightstar
10: Kylie
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