December 6th, 2020

Jay Cock!

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Edit: Finally deciding to add other me-stuff here, as this has become the 'add me' post of sorts.

Do add me if:
*You like slash
*If you like My Chemical Romance, Bullet For My Valentine, Panic! At The Disco, Madina Lake, The Blackout, Bring Me The Horizon
*If you think Waycest/Smithcest/Sykecest/Leonecest is love
*If you like Japan or Wales
*If you like what I write

Don't add me if:
*You're homophobic, racist or any of that general shit (though that much should be clear)
*You hate slash
*If you want to force me to like Jaybourne, Ferard or Ryden
*If you think Waycest/incest fic in general is sick
*If you are going to insult either Star Wars, Pokemon, Kylie, Madina Lake, Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Bullet For My Valentine or other Welshies
*If you're going to try and convert me to a religion
*If you want to cause trouble or drama

Also, if you're a member of fuckyou_mcr there's a good chance I won't add you unless I'm sure you're good people. To clarify, if anything I post here ends up there and it's you, you're gone.

Friends of crossbow1 won't be added at all.

Allow me to explain this. This is due to her being a bitch and also not realising it. (Also she doesn't seem to realise that it's more then one thing about her that bothers me, instead she focusses on one.) The reason I don't want to be friends with her friends is that we might end up replying to the same post, something I avoid at all costs.

Same with 67, who is perhaps the most childish person in history.

Also, orangesnrg piss off.

I think that is all.

Also, now all MCR fic posts are locked. This is due, primarily, to MCR 'fans' being absolute cunts. Hence I also don't just add random people who add me. I will not add back unless you comment.

Edit (again): You know what? Lostprophets and MAS fans have proven to be utter morons so I'm locking those fics too.
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