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Hey, kid

Went to Walsall today, by train, not by bus. Seen two hot emo things, that we seem to have stalked all day. They were everywhere we seemed to go.

Got Duncan's and Matt's singles. Baby got Matt's and two dvds.

I got.. well, I yoinked mini's from the Revenge Of The Sith Starter set. Except Grievous. He was already gone. So I feel less guilty for that. Sent an e-mail requesting for him though.

I still want a mini Kit though.

I'm addicted to jelly beans and McDonalds fries.

Went around town for a bit, no Star Wars stuff in the sales though. Baby got a DS kit (and gave me a new stylus and case < 333). Yoinked a Panic! poster, which is sex.

Then we went to the sci-fi shop, I got some mini's (with a Bossk and Ewok who's so small!) and baby got LOTR cards.

Paid in cheques then... got Animal Crossing stuff (including Pikmin!) ythen returned.

Got my Miyavi/Matt fic so I can type it up.

I want the music from the Knights Of The Old Republic 2 game. it lets you play the tracks, so where are they?

Panic! tommorrow!!!!!!!!
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