November 3rd, 2013

Thor Pretty

Can I have my shoe back?

Partially random post, part Thor post. The latter will have spoilers under a cut.

Random first. So I've been watching Stargate Atlantis on Pick Tv. I'd not seen it before so figured 'hey it's on from the start, let's check it out'. It really is an awesome show (check it on Netflix). I mention it cause I got to thinking today that I couldn't do what they did. (The original expedition went to another galaxy on a potential one way trip with no way of contacting Earth and no guarantee of what the conitions would be.) I couldn't do that if we did a Martian/Europan expedition (visiting an established base sure but not be the first). One I'm not that brave, two I'd miss home and three I've watched enough films to put me off being first.


Today I went to Birmingham. Things were done namely:
*Bullet ticket at last (only took three times)
*Signed at library
*Saw this guy
*Saw Thor The Dark World

Cut time!

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