July 5th, 2013

Jay/Padge Schoolboys

Kink Bingo card

historical roleplay danger scars / scarification pervertibles class fantasies
chastity devices animal play altered states whipping / flogging consent play
pictures held down wildcard confined / caged gags / silence
pegging / strap-ons torture / interrogation guro plushie or furry kink crossdressing
fucking machines bondage mechanical / technological sensation play endurance

So I saw someone post one of these and figured, why the fuck not, so I got one of my own today. Leave any suggestions in the comments.

After looking at the kink bingo site, I think what I'll go for is the double line thing which means there'll be:
*Pictures and pegging - girl!Jay James/Luke Johnson
*Held down and torture - Gavin Butler/Gustav wood
*Wildcard and guro - Rich/Calvin
*Caged and furry - Sean Smith
*Gags/silence and crossdressing - Calvin Roffey/Routa/Tundra/Virta/Vreth
since those are the lines that seemed to work best together. There may also be at least one other thing too.

Also a postage stamp thing:
*Pervertibles, class fantasies, whipping/flogging and consent play Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge/Rich Boucher