June 19th, 2013

MM Skull Kid Defeat me?

Finally over

This'll be the first of two posts today. The other will be about Animal Crossing and be happier.

After my last post, I figured venting my feels would help. You know, getting it out of my system. After that I said to myself that I'd give her till the end of the month, the I'd cut her out. It wasn't something I wanted to do or liked the thought of, but I felt it was something I neeeded.

I did it today.

Why? Well there was a mention of me on twitter from her, about whe she came the first time and it just... stung. More than I expected. Probably partly due to father's day being sunday which sucks the joy out of me anyway. But yeah. And it flared everything up and I thought... why? Why should I have to deal with that possibility?

So I did it. And, yeah. It's done now. But still.
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MM Skull Kid First encounter

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Well happier post now.

Late Thursday night I got my download code for Animal Crossing New Leaf... which I promptly downloaded and started.

First here's the information on my town (first posted on tumblr and updated now)

Town name: Termina
Town tune: Midna’s theme
Town flag: Inverted Triforce (may change to something done by someone with art skills)
Native fruit: pears
Current other fruit trees: Cherry, peach, orange, lychee, banana, lemon, coconut, durin, mangos, apples
Current residents: Kiki (cat), Pippy (bunny), Robin (bird), Bill (duck), Vic (bull), Canberra (koala), Zell (goat), Brocollo (mouse), Truffles (pig)
Moving in: None
Ordinance: Night owl
Public works: Yellow bench, bridge, lamp, fairy tail bench (tomorrow)

My main thoughts thus far? Well there's much to love. I love the new island. It's fun, especially with other peple (and you can make a shit tonne of money there). I love the fortune cookiees and the items you get from them. I hate being taunted by damn balloons I can't get. I love Kiki and Zell. I love the ordinaces and public work projects. I love that boys can wear dresses. I can't wait for more stuff to be open.

My house has already been upgraded a few times (it woulda been more but Nook had the mermaid exterior and I was like, want!). Yay!
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