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May 7th, 2013

Duncan/Lee Close

(no subject)

So what's happened since the last proper post? Well not much (even though was a bit ago).

Well I've failed really at ficcing, because my fic brain (bar the one I posted) seems to have run off which sucks. I keep hoping to fic but keep not having focus/get distracted.

Saturday's been the main day of excitement. I went to Birmingham for free comic book day and ugh, it was a bit irritating. Mostly because you had no real choice what to get. I did get the one I wanted most, the killjoys one, by luck though. I still need to read it though.

I got a few other things. A Silence fig at last, woo! The new Who card 5 pack thing. Rhythm magazine with Ilan on the cover (nom) and the Gay Times with Duncan on (double nom).

The second main reason for going was seeing Iron Man 3 which was awesome, yay!

Other than that Blue has had a new album out and it's so goood. And today I managed to get a ticket to see them at a teeny Birmingham venue, yes! And it's the day after my birthday too. Woo!

Other stuff, the last new Who ep was awesome cause Vastra, Jenny and Strax were back, yay! I love them and they need a spin off now.

In games, I finished Mario Wiiu and started Fire Emblem Awakening (nomnom all the pretty boys).

Today I've woke up all sick and ugh, with no voice. Bah.

Well, I think that's well lastly. Pumkin from Baaman and Piderman is so awesome and adorable < 3
Jay Cock!

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