April 23rd, 2013

Waycest Touch

A gift of peace in all good faith

So I've decided to unlock all my MCR fic now and all future ones will be unlocked also.

The current upcoming fic list is thus
*Next part of Collide
*Duncan James fic (damn those Gay Times pictures)
*Tentacle fic (details unknown)
*Bullet fic with throne from Kerrang shoot
*Amputee Jay fic based on this
*Steampunk fic
*Moose/Sean fic (cause they're begging for it)
*'Matt and Moose's fuck factor' fic
*Possible Gerard/Toro
*Calvin fic
*Possible next Finntroll rubberverse fic
*POW based fic

Most are just vagueish ideas with nothing settled until I think some more. Since most are vague I'm open to suggestions here
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